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2022-05-05: First Go instrumentation with GitLab Runner

Issue update

2022-05-05 Research Update

Research Summary

  • Architecture Analysis
  • GitLab Runner Development Environment
  • First steps with OpenTelemetry Go SDK
  • Instrumentation with Go code of Runner process, printed to stdout
  • OpenTelemetry Collector standalone, logging to stdout
  • OpenTelemetry Collector with Jaeger Tracing in docker-compose
  • First traces sent from executed runner jobs to OpenTelemetry, queried in Jaeger Query UI
  • Notes, config, documentation in

Next steps

For cdCon talk:

Future steps

  • Enrich Runner code with more traces and context metadata, create a draft MR
  • Same for server code
  • Combine Server/Runner traces
  • Research on Customization, Security, Scaling, LabKit & SRE integration
  • MRs for code, and docs both GitLab and OpenTelemetry upstream
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